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Brand Identity and Responsive Website

Prepared for Stofa



A Quick Hello

As a full service branding agency, we are strong advocates of clean and functional user experience, in addition to developing beautiful, distinct design that's effective. 

Helping your brand stand out against a busy, saturated market is what keeps us moving forward. 



Scope of Work


1) Responsive Website

Build on Squarespace or Webflow with the following in mind:


1. Mobile-Optimized

Custom designed responsive website to match your branding, giving your customer an engaging and memorable experience.

2. Ready for Google

Pages are SEO ready and optimized for search engine visibility to get you ranking higher on Google. 

3. Blog Creation

A well managed blog will work wonders for your SEO, as well as provide a valuable resource for your target audience.

4. Hands-On Training

Once we go live, we'll make sure you know how to make changes on your website after it's complete.


2) Brand Identity + Marketing Materials

All the pieces needed to create a strong, recognizable brand. 


1. Logo Elements

One brand, various applications. We provide a primary and secondary version of your logo, including a unique icon if necessary.

2. Colour Palette

We'll develop a palette consisting of 4 primary and 4 four secondary to keep your marketing consistent and recognizable.

3. Typeography

Choosing fonts that reflect your values and compliment your logo is essential for a strong brand. We'll choose premium fonts that tell your story best.

4. Tone of Voice

Think of this as your persona within the market. Your brand voice is created from your values and brand character traits that we'll uncover in the brand audit to follow. 

5. Brand Style Sheet

Once all the visual elements of your brand habe been chosen, we'll create a brand style sheet consisting of your logos, colours, fonts, values etc. This ensures consistent marketing every step of the way

6. Stationary Design

We'll also re-design your business cards, letterhead and envelope, reflecting your new branding. When it comes to printing, we recommend using Moo. Great service, extremely affordable and you'll get 'em in about a week. 

7. Social Media Design

We'll include an updated high-res profile and header photo for all the social media profiles you're active on.

8. Premium Adobe Stock Images (optional)

Included in every re-brand is a a pack of 5 premium lifestyle stock photos that can be used for various marketing applications.

on the house: complimentary Menu Design

In-house menu, reflecting your updated branding elements.


Website Timeline

Designed and launched in 30 days.


Brand Discovery and Website Intake

Phase 1:

We'll kick things off by really getting to know your brand so we can design accordingly. Following this call, we'll dive in and have you fill out our interactive website intake form.

Visual Exploration and Wireframes

Phase 2:

Once we have a clear understanding of your brand and the needs of your audience, we'll start creating the flow and structure of your new website. Once complete, we'll get them signed off and start bulding.

Site buildout and the big pitch!

Phase 3:

This is where things come to life! We spend time creating a fully functioning working prototype to send to you and your team. Once complete, we'll send you a link to view it – accessible by mobile, tablet and desktop.

Revise. Polish. Test. Launch!

Phase 4:

Once we receive your feedback, this is where we test, tweak and test some more. Once connected to your domain, you'll be ready to send it to your clients in just under 24 hours.


Branding Timeline

Designed and launched in 30 days.


Brand Audit and Research

Phase 1:

The branding process starts with getting to know your audience and their needs. We'll also explore your current competition and also where you see your brand in the future.

Visual Exploration and Design Conepts

Phase 2:

Phase 2 is all about exploring different ways to visually communicate your brands personality, goals, and values. Our mission is to create a visual identity system that creates a positive emotional response with your customers.

The Big Pitch!

Phase 3

Pitch day! This is where you'll get to see the full scope and persona of your brand. We'll execute it on various applications so you can see the potential! From here it's just refinement and preparing the brand style guide.

Refinement and Brand Style Guide Handoff

Phase 4:

When the visual identity is complete, we'll equip you with a simplified brand guide that will keep your marketing aligned and consistent. (Your marketing team and customers will love you for this)


The Investment


Before we start the idea process, a deposit of $4000 is needed.


Before we go live, a final payment of $4000 is needed.


Please note: prices do not reflect cost of printing stationary, apparel or any monthly hosting fees associated with Squarespace or Webflow.


Next Steps

If you have any questions or need additional information amended to the proposal, please send us an email below. If everything looks good, we'll follow up with the first invoice to get started. 


Thanks so much for your time.